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Watch Taylor Swift Turn Into A Zombie For Her Music Video

There's no doubt that Taylor Swift can make a killer music video.

There was the high school love story of 'You Belong With Me', the girl Squad in 'Bad Blood' and now we've got revenge of Taylor's past in her latest 'Look What You Made Me Do'.

And while there have been some critics of the song itself, you have to admit that her crazy efforts in the music video are pretty amazing and entertaining.

Of course, something we've always wondered, is what actually goes into creating some of those iconic looks.

This sneak peak video goes behind the scenes and shows us how they transform the innocent, blonde beauty into a seriously creepy looking zombie (ya know, cause the old Taylor's dead). A

nd it is actually insane the sort of effort that they have to go to for a look that has just a few seconds of airtime!

Check it out in the video above.

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