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Watch A Member Of 1D Get A Tattoo Live On The Late Late Show

One Direction appeared on the Late Late Show With James Corden, and played an intense game of Tattoo Roulette.

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and host James Corden had to make a selection from five boxes.

Four of the boxes contained the word "safe" and one had the word "tattoo", and whoever got the tattoo box would get inked on the show.

If James picked it, he would have to get "1D" tattooed on him, and if one of the boys got it, they would have to get "Late Late".

Niall and James were both incredibly nervous, being the only two out of the five without any tattoos.

But the rest of the boys seemed pretty chilled about it.

"It's just going to be another stupid one," Louis said.

After the tension-filled reveal ceremony, it was Harry who had to get inked...

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