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Waleed Aly Calls For Ban On Product Millions Use Every Day

Waleed Aly has called for a ban on a product that millions of Aussies use every day.

But before we tell you what it is, we’ll give you the facts that may make you think twice next time you go to grab one.

Like for starters, this product accounts for 700 kilos of waste to landfill every year.

Each day, we use more than 10 million of them.

It’s estimated 80 million end up in Australia’s litter stream.

Shocking, right? But can you guess what the product is yet?

If you guessed plastic bags, you’re 100 percent right.

“Man do we love a plastic bag. It’s estimated Australians use between four and six billion plastic bags annually,” Aly told viewers.

“We use more than 10 million plastic bags, every day. And just since I’ve been speaking, Australians have dumped 7150 plastic bags into landfill.”

In the editorial, he called on the premiers of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia to #banthebag.

Bans have already been put in place in South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and ACT, while Queensland plans to put an official ban in place from July 2018.

He said despite “some of the poorest nations of the planet” having already put a ban in place, Aussie politicians were more concerned of a potential backlash.

With the statistics showing most of us support a ban, Aly said it was time to make a stand.

“So what I’m saying is, these guys want to ban plastic bags, they’re even ready to ban plastic bags, they’re just waiting for you to give them a push,” he said.

“And unless we give them a push, nothing will change, and you and I will keep using plastic bags. But we can change this. You can change this.”

You can sign a petition started by The Project and Clean Up Australia here.

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