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Viewers Slam Channel Ten Show After They Aired This Segment

Channel Ten show, ‘Studio 10’ have been blasted by some viewers after a segment which saw Jessica Rowe and some audience members being hypnotised.

Hypnotist Peter Powers convinced them, on yesterday’s show, that they were cats, dogs and even Kung Fu artists.

Some viewers have taken to social media to angrily accuse Rowe and the volunteers of “faking it”.

“Total garbage! Shame on you Studio 10!!! You lowered the quality of the show today!!!” wrote one Faceook fan.

Another wrote: “You couldn’t half tell it was put on! ... probably the worst segment I’ve seen on the show so far!”

Some of the other not so nice comments included: “This was a big fail for me” and “it was the worst ... How stupid do you think we all are?”

To their credit, the Studio 10 panellists addressed the controversial segment during today’s show and they seemed genuinely surprised by the negative feedback.

“You guys are cranky about this,” co-host Sarah Harris said on air today, “We’re always upfront with our viewers so we thought we’d tackle some of the feedback”.

After reading out some of the Facebook comments, Harris admitted that she too is “a bit of a sceptic,” but Jessica Rowe was adamant that the hypnotism was legit.

“Of course it’s not put on,” Rowe said, adding that she’s “very susceptible” to hypnotism.

Two of the audience members from yesterday’s show who took part in the stunt appeared on the program again this morning to defend the segment and even co-host Denise Drysdale swore “on my grandchild’s life that it is not a set up”.

But Studio 10 co-host Sarah Harris summed it up best, saying, “At the end of the day people, it was just a bit of fun”.


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