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Viewers FURIOUS At Channel Seven For Bride And Prejudice

Channel Seven viewers have been left furious after last night’s episode of Bride and Prejudice let them down.

For four weeks, the show has been following the story of Chris, a gay man who is preparing to marry his partner and has been trying to persuade his parents to change their hearts and attending his big day.

The show has been promoted all week as “Tonight. His big day. Will his dad be there? Will his mum?” but as last night’s show carried on, it became clear that the focus was no on Chris’s story at all.

With just two minutes of the show left, Chris sat down with two family friends as was told “I felt we should give you the news now, so you’ve got time to adjust,”

But then it ended…

Viewers were furious with one saying Channel Seven are ‘the worst’ and another saying they watch ‘for no reason’.

Bride and Prejudice will return next week on Channel Seven.

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