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Tziporah Malkah Tells Of Harrowing Experience

Tziporah Malkah has recalled a harrowing past experience with a religious rabbi who she lent nearly $2million.

The former model, who is currently appearing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, said that she was homeless after the ordeal and was relying on the Salvation Army.

She made sure she didn’t hold back while talking about the situation saying ‘'I just thought, I think he's f**ked me over,'

During Steve Price’s ‘Jungle Radio’ session, the broadcaster invited Tziporah to share a story about her life.

Tziporah has converted to Judaism and revealed she was left defrauded of $2 million by a former American boyfriend.

The man she was dating turned out to be married with children and she claimed the relationship left her completely broke.

'I was stupid, and I was in love and why would a rabbi lie to me?'  T'ziporah said.

'I got swept away a little bit with him. He was incredibly charismatic, very convincing. He said he could invest (the money) better than me and I believed him.'

She continued: 'I thought I was going to have to sleep under a bush. I went down to the Salvation Army, and I just said, "Help me, I'm going to be homeless",' she confessed.

'They got me in touch with women's housing, and I moved into one of their houses, and I found a job down the road and started working,' T'ziporah added.

'I just focused and went for it, saved some money and got a lease on an apartment. You know, I'm kind of happy with the place that I'm at now,' she said.

The $2 million formed part of her settlement deal with former finance, billionaire James Packer.

The couple broke up in 1998 after they dated for five years.

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