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TWO MAFS Are Set To Be Rocked By A Cheating Scandal

Controversial TV show Married At First Sight is set to be rocked by a huge cheating scandal.

Sources close to the relationship experiment have revealed that filming became out of control as the newlyweds struggled with monogamy.


Jonathan from Married At First Sight

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that multiple couples are involved in the cheating scandal, which will air in the coming weeks.

Insiders are saying that Gold Coast based hairdresser Cheryl and her new husband Jonathan's relationship breaks down after he is caught giving one of the other contestants his mobile number.


Cheryl from Married At First Sight

“Cheryl goes crazy, she is not one to take things lying down,” the source close to the show said.

“He gives one of the other women his number and when Cheryl finds out things get ugly.”Cheryl then allegedly gets her revenge by cheating on her new partner with fellow contestant Andrew.

A spokeswoman from Channel 9 confirmed the “cheating scandal”.

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