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TWO Married At First Sight Brides Have Spoke Out

Two Married At First Sight brides have blown the lidd off the Channel Nine show, claiming they were ‘conned’, plied with booze and refused bathroom breaks while working.

“There’s no support, you’re treated like monkeys, you basically beg to go for toilet breaks,” the show’s “runaway bride” Lauren Bran told

“The filming — because it goes for so long — you’re tired, you’re drunk, you’re not yourself, they get you at your worst. I was boozy, they booze you up. They encourage it. They’re just free-pouring the whole time. At one stage I had someone put a couple of drinks in front of me. And I said, ‘Nah, nah, I’m good, I’m good,’ and they say, ‘Nah, have more to drink’.”

Truck driver Susan Rawlings has also spilled the beans saying that the show is “completely not true at all” and questioned the involvement of the program’s psychologists.

“How do they edit this and completely not give a sh*t about people’s lives?” she said. “They don’t give a sh*t about what others think of these people.”

Lauren went on to say that during the hens night on the show, water was replaced with ‘vodka and Red Bull,”and as a result, it led to contestants getting candid during the weekly dinner parties.

The show was filmed over the summer months and Susan said that the dinner parties would go until ‘ two and four in the morning. You’re exhausted.”
A spokesman for the production company, Endomol Shine Australia, said the company took its duty of care seriously.

“All participants are given adequate food, water and breaks and have access to psychological support, which has always been available at any time throughout the show and continues to be,” the spokesman said in a statement.

Married At First Sight’s reunion dinner continues tonight at 7:30PM on Nine.

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