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Twitter Staffer Shut Down Donald Trump For 11 Minutes

The greatest thing just went down on Twitter! Earlier today the internet freaked out as people began to notice something very odd… US President Donald Trump’s twitter profile had disappeared! 

Theories soon began to pop up as people speculated what could’ve happened to the account. Was it a glitch? Did Trump accidentally remove it himself? What was the truth!?

It turns out that truth was so much better than anything anyone could’ve ever dreamt of! Twitter confirmed that the account, @realDonaldTrump, had been deliberately deactivated by a Twitter employee who was on their last day of employment at the company! 

Along with the announcement, another wave of freaking out began! This time it was to praise the absolute legend responsible for the 11 minute long deactivation of Trump’s account.

One thing that all of twitter can agree on is that employee definitely made themselves memorable! So, thank you, whoever you are!

This is completely unbelievable yet it totally happened! What a way to end the week!

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