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Toddler Trapped Inside Arcade Machine For Hilarious Reason

We've all experienced the intense rage inflicted by arcade claw machines, as you spend so much time positioning the claw to grab the prize of your dreams, only to have it slip through at the last second.

Usually we stare at it in disbelief for a few moments before walking off, vowing never to spend money on the rip-off machines ever again.

Well this one Irish toddler had a slightly different reaction when the claw came up empty-handed.

Jamie Bracken-Murphey was playing for a stuffed toy at a Jump 'n' Gyms play centre in Ireland when he decided to simply jump inside the machine to pick it out himself.

The three-year-old was all smiles until it finally dawned on him that there might be a fault in the escape part of his plan.

The father of the boy spoke about the ordeal to local press saying, "I turned around and just see Jamie's face looking out from behind the glass. I wasn't surprised at all really."

"He's a very mischievous, sharp kid who's always pushing boundaries. He was inside for about 10 minutes and was worried for maybe 10 seconds at the start, but then he just found it hilarious," his dad said.

Staff worked frantically to free the boy but he was a bit too preoccupied to notice the chaos he had created.

Instead, Jamie proudly showed off the two dragons that he had picked out to his younger brother and dad, who were standing on the other side of the glass.

Despite the slightly unconventional method that the little boy used to get his prize, staff were happy to let him keep the stuffed toys.

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