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Tiffany Scanlon Reveals The REAL Reason She And Megan Split

The Bachelor’s Tiffany Scanlon has blamed the pressures of fame for her shock split with Megan Marx. In her newly launched blog The Tiffany Times, she says the couple ‘paid the price’ by making her relationship so public.

The pair have previously been criticised for their public displays of affection on social media and the legitimacy of their relationship has been questioned.

“We made the decision (mistake) at that point to share our relationship with the public... This, I believe, would eventually cost us our relationship,” she wrote.

Tiffany said the intense interest in their relationship ultimately put pressure on it and led to the couple parting ways. She also revealed the pair had been in talks to produce their own reality show and had plans to write a book sharing their story. They were also set to create an underwear line called Miffties. 

Although the couple announced their split earlier this month, Tiffany said their relationship began to unravel around Christmas time. She bravely revealed she had battled depression, which she said was brought on by the stress and anxiety of living such a public life. Her lowest point, was just before the girl’s publicised Bali which she had to postpone. 

'I couldn’t hold down food, couldn’t focus on anything... Crying hysterically I could not get myself into the car to go to the airport so I postponed my flight.' 

Megan told the Daily Mail that she admired Tiffany for talking to openly about her struggles with depression and hoped her former girlfriend could find solace and peace 'as she explores the world.' 

"We definitely made a lot of mistakes, but life is about learning. and I feel a stronger person, a more open person, a more loving person because of Tiffany. 

"I'll never regret my time with her, but I also know the right decision has been made here," she added.

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