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THREE More Couples Look Set To SPLIT on MAFS

While we all think it’s super romantic to have a candlelit dinner and be polite at dinner… it’s not like that on Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight.

In tonight’s explosive episode, with the honeymooners meeting over a meal for the time. the cracks begin to show in Gold Coast couple Jonathan and Cheryl’s marriage.

However, they are not alone, with Michael and Scarlett and Deb and John also not being very nice to each other at the table.

The awkwardness is there to begin with, when Andrew has to turn up on his own following his wife Lauren running away at his reception.

Psychologist on the show John Aitken says this stage of the experiment is all about faking it as much as possible to impress the other couples as well as about firming up their feelings for each other.

“If you’re there and you’ve got a really strong relationship and the connection is growing, then the dinner party is an opportunity to bond, to really enjoy yourself,” Aitken said.

“But if you’re going in with your relationship on the rocks, then the cracks will show early and what often will happen is the dirty laundry gets aired, arguments start and it can really unravel. It’s a flashpoint that can either help them or hurts them.”

Married at First Sight continues tonight on Nine at 7:30PM.

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