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Married At First Sight Groom Has Revealed Personal Tragedy

Married At First Sight groom Andrew H has overcome a tragedy to finally try and find love.

Just three years ago, the former army combat engineer, was the victim of a coward punch attack by a group of Strangers on the Sunshine Coast.

Andrew told Channel 9’s The Fix "I was just walking home from an early dinner with a couple of friends.

“After they king hit this other guy, about eight of them surrounded me and hit me from behind and cracked my skull. I face-planted on the concrete.

"I had brain fluid coming out of my nose, and I was in hospital for about a month. It wouldn't have taken much more to actually kill me,’’ he said.

Andrew has been matched with 31-year-old student Vanessa on the show and his biggest regrets not helping the police try and find the assailant who hurt him.

"There was no CCTV footage or anything like that," he says. "But this could happen to someone else, and they could kill them, so for the safety of other people, I should try to find who they are, or they're going to keep going until they kill someone."

For Andrew, he says the life was ‘life changing.’

"I quit my job in the mines and applied for job in Antarctica [as an aerodrome plant operator]. ”Now when I'm out, I'll put my back to a wall. It makes you think about how fragile life is. And it makes you want to make sure you experience everything in life because it can be taken away as easily as that,’ he continued.

Married At First Sight returns to Channel Nine at 7PM on Sunday!

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