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This Married At First Sight Couple Could Be About To SPLIT

If there is one thing Nick must hate on Married At First Sight, it must be the dinner parties.

In the first one, we saw his wife Sharon getting upset because he drank too much.

And then last night, he fared no better, after Sharon attacked him for visiting strip clubs while he was single.

'I'm confused... I'm just trying to figure out what kind of guy you are. You're the kind of guy who likes going to a strip club every weekend?' she demanded. 

Nick confessed to Sharon beforehand that he had been to strip clubs 'once or twice a month. Sometimes we'd be there like three times a night,' while he was single.

However, Nick added that had been a ‘changed man’ since marrying to the 31-year-old business owner.

'It's just a place where we [Nick and his friends'] can chill out, have a good conversation,' Nick said to Sharon, to which she responded: 'Why couldn't you do that in a pub without naked chicks?'.

I'm in this for marriage. I'm in this long-term. I'm thinking family; I'm thinking kids… I don't want an immature boy who gets hammered and goes to strippers every weekend,' Sharon said to the cameras.

Nick was taken aback by the confrontation and Sharon did not stop going asking ‘’ You do not like my openness?' she questioned.

'I just haven't seen this before,' Nick responded.

We shall see if it all becomes smiles for the couple again on Sunday night on Channel Nine.

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