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The Show HBO Hopes Will Be As Big As ‘Game Of Thrones'

Brace yourselves for HBO’s latest guilty pleasure. With Game of Thrones nearing the end of its run, the network has its sights set on its next hit drama. While 70’s set music series Vinyl flopped disastrously, HBO is hoping an ambitious sci-fi western that cost $100 million to make will rival the success of Game of Thrones.     

Its new series Westward is a revamped take on Michael Crichton’s 1973 cult movie and was developed by Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy and executive producer J.J. Abrams. 

The series is set in a giant Wild West theme park which is designed do seduce the very wealthy. All of the park’s inhabitants are sophisticated robots called ‘hosts’ which are programmed to feel all types of human emotion, including love, fear and pain. 

Sadly, the hosts only serve the purpose of playthings for the rich customers, who can pay for just about anything. While some pay for romps in the sack, others desires are even more unsavoury, with some paying for rape fantasies. While others have more gory senseless violence on the card for their host.

Source: HBO

The catch is, none of the robots know they’re not real and each of their memories are wiped at the end of their interactions. Eerily their days start exactly the same. 

Things heat up in the series, when a new update to the hosts leaves a glitch in the software, with many able to recall past memories. The problem forces the theme park to recall the hosts in order to clear their memories again, but others aren’t as lucky. Some are decommissioned and placed into cold storage.

Source: HBO

It’s hinted that the park’s creator Robert Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins, has a secret plan far beyond the adult playground he has created. Interestingly, the original movie shows the robots rebel and fight back. We wait we baited breath. The series airs on Showcase and Foxtel as 12pm and 8:30pm on Mondays. 

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