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The Moment Waleed Aly Thought He Was Going To Be FIRED

Waleed Aly has revealed that he thought the first time he hosted the Project was ‘awful’ and he ‘sucked’.

The Channel Ten personality appeared on the You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere podcast and told Rachel Corbett that he had only appeared on the show once before, as a panellist but was asked to fill in when Charlie Pickering was sick.

He said “That night I had spent overnight flying from Indonesia. I was in Jakarta for a conference. I left the conference early because I had to come here [Melbourne] to give a speech.

“I was jet-lagged, I have a thumping headache and I’m going to give this speech that I don’t want to give and I get a call from the producer. The producer says, ‘Charlie’s not well and I probably shouldn’t be asking you this yet, but would you be prepared to fill in for him?’ And I was like, ‘What? Host the show?’

“I remember getting that call and just being like, ‘This is nuts’,” Aly said.

At the time, The Project was a thirty minutes and Waleed said that after 15 minutes he told himself Well Waleed, at least you’ve discovered you really can’t do this’,” 

“I thought it was awful. I remember going, ‘At least I know I’m no good at that show, this is something I can’t do’.”

It wasn’t long until he found out he had in fact nailed it, with a producer immediacy telling him  ‘We didn’t tell you this before but there was actually a focus group watching up in Sydney and I just got off the phone with the CEO ... and they just thought you were fantastic.’’
“I was like, ‘This is weird. Not only did I suck, but now you’re telling me I didn’t? I don’t know how to process this’.”

After the show aired, Waleed was asked to be on the panel weekly before becoming the shows Friday anchor.. and the rest is history.

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