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This Celeb Admits He Has 'Self-Serviced' Himself In Traffic!

You know Dax Shepard - funny guy, married to Kristen Bell? 

Turns out no topic is too personal for him to talk openly about in public. 

It recently surfaced that after his wife Kristen had a pregnancy scare, Shepard panicked and booked in to get the snip just days later (without telling his wife). 

“I freaked out. For eight hours I was, like, imagining my life with all these kids,” he explained on Jimmy Kimmel.

“That was Tuesday. I flew home Wednesday for a meeting. Thursday morning I had a vasectomy.

“I had a vasectomy, and Kristen was not thrilled that I did it so quickly, but I’m a man of action.

"I was in and out. I was back in Atlanta two days after that, shooting a Samsung commercial.”

But the stories definitely did not end there...

“The guy said, ‘You want me to check your prostate while you’re out?’ I said, ‘You do everything anal you need to do'," Dax continued.

"Leave no stone unturned. I don’t want to hear about any other check-ups for a while.”

This is the point that even we learn something new about the procedure of getting a vasectomy...

There is a second check up near a month later to check up, ahem, on the situation. 

“They don’t provide an area there at the urology clinic to service yourself, so you have to bring in a sample,” he said. 

"So... I can’t get out of this meeting and the clock is ticking. All of a sudden, I’m out of the meeting.

“I have 15 minutes to get from Burbank to Beverly Hills and procure my sample … I had to drive cross-town, rush hour — thank God there was heavy traffic on Laurel Canyon, so it slowed down enough that I could … I literally masturbated on Laurel Canyon in heavy traffic.

“It’s one thing to loosey-goosey just go for it, but I have a jar and it’s heavy traffic. It’s very curvy.

"For those of you have not been on Laurel Canyon, it’s one of the twistier roads in America. It’s hard enough to get through that road while not making love to yourself, into a container.”

The end result?

He's officially sterile. 

Nailed it... so to speak. 

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