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There's Been Even More Revealing Photos Of Cheryl From MAFS

Cheryl Maitland from Married, At First Sight, has been the talk of Australia this week after she returned to the competition following a return to the show with a second man.

However, it’s her off the show antics that have got the eyes and tongues of the nation excited. Just yesterday, a video emerged of Cheryl sniffing white powder of breasts, which she said was a ‘joke’, but now there is more.

The 25-year-old has been forced to admit that she once worked as a topless waiter after photos emerged of her at a work function with her breasts exposed.


The Gold Coast beauty appears to be working at a party taking place in a hotel room, with bottles of alcohol laid out behind her.

Speaking about the profession, Cheryl said she no longer works in the industry.

'For a brief time I was a topless waitress, but that's now well and truly in my past,' she previously told the Herald Sun.

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