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There Was A Really Bizarre Moment On Seven Year Switch

There could not have been a stranger moment on TV last night.

Sarge and Stacey are a couple on Seven Year Switch that is currently swapped with other people.

However, on last night’s show, each partner was challenged to buy the other a gift, and Sarge was left furious by the gift he received from Stacey.

Stacey gave her partner of three years a pair of revealing pink underwear, which he thought was thoughtless storming off saying 'See ya f***ing later'.

Sarge’s nightmare led to a whole heap of social media reaction with one viewer saying 'Sarge might have liked his present more if it was camo print'.

Sarge gifted his girlfriend an army tag, about his past it made a lot of sense but another hilarious viewer referenced Sarge's controlling nature and said: 'He should have got engraved on the tags "keep your side of the fridge clean"'. 

This show is out of control.

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