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There Was A HUGE Awkward Moment On IAC You Missed!

It’s the biggest night of TV for Channel Ten of the year.

And it often happens that live TV never quite goes to plan, but last night, I’m A Celebrity took it to a whole new level.

With comedian Nazeem Hussain finishing in the fourth spot, he revealed that Natalie Bassingthwaighte had finished as second runner-up during a live crossover, whole ten minutes before it was announced.

'We're excited to see... They're all worthy, and it's sort of sad to see Nat come in third because they all should be first. But that's not how it works,' he said.

The show’s co-host Julia Morris that nervously glanced over to the production staff on the show, before she quickly said I know that's... I know we're...,' she stammered while displaying awkward hand gestures.

'... I think everyone feels that way they're all worthy winners, to see one go is like urgh,’ she continued.

Nazeem then laughed it all off on Twitter after the show aired, saying ' Ummm ... Who saw that coming? Not me. What ... This is super awkward for me,'<br

Moments later, former Neighbours star Natalie, 42, was announced as second runner-up, leaving Casey Donovan and Dane Swan to battle it out.

Casey Donovan went on to be the overall winner and was crowned as Australia’s first Queen of the Jungle.

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