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There Was A BIG Dangerous Issue With Adele's First Show

Last night, Adele kicked off her Australian tour at Perth’s Domain stadium, and it went off like nothing you have ever seen before.

People were crammed into the car parks around the stadium trying to listen in, and while the show didn’t have any issues, something did happen before that changed it all.

While Adele was rehearsing for the show on Monday night, parts of debris from her pyrotechnics used for Skyfall shot into her son’s eye.

It caused the show to change quite dramatically, with all fireworks cut and the staging changed to allow the 40-strong male choir to all be on the stage at once.

However, it didn’t stop other fun things happening in the show, with a t-shirt cannon being blown out into the crowd, with $20 attached onto it saying ‘buy a drink on me.’

Adele, we love you.

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