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There Is Some Pretty Bad News For Samuel Johnson

Thieves have stolen actor Samuel Johnson’s Silver Logie after he donated it to a pub in Brunswick for his sister Connie’s charity event.

Police were called to The Brunswick Hotel on Sydney Road just before 8 pm on Wednesday after reports emerged that the award had been stolen.

It is understood that two men had entered the pub, ordered drinks but then stole the aware and fled before getting into a car and driving off.

The owner of the Brunswick Hotel is a long-time friend to Johnson, Richard Kruk and told Nine News that the star had leant his award to the pub to raise funds for the Love Your Sister campaign.

Patrons of the bar had been able to take a photo with the statue in return for a donation to the organisation.

“So many people have come in tried to take photos with it, and did the whole ‘I’m going to take off with it’,” he told Nine News.

“I think these guys thought it was a joke as well.”

The award was found dumped in some bushed at a golf course, and Victoria Police confirmed an investigation was conducted, and the item soon recovered.

No further police action is being taken.

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