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There Is Going To Be A SECOND Season Of ’13 Reasons Why’!

It’s taken the world by storm, and now I’m SO pleased to announce that a second season of Netflix show, ’13 Reasons Why’ has been approved and is in the WORKS!

We’ve been praying for this ever since we wrapped up the last episode of the first season and our prayers were answered when Devin Druid, who plays Tyler on the show, basically confirmed that we would be seeing all our favourite (and not so favourite) Liberty High Students back on our screens in the near future.


Devin’s statements have now proved to be true, with The Hollywood Reporter now confirming that a writers’ room for Season 2 is currently up and running.

Netflix have declined to comment at this point, but we’re hoping season two will provide answers to all the questions and fan theories we have from season one, especially at the end of Hannah’s last tape.

(Did Tyler actually shoot Alex?! Is Tyler planning a school shooting?!)


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