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The Twist In Seven Year Switch We Never Saw Coming

In last night's premiere of the controversial and addictive Seven Year Switch, Channel 7 really got us hooked.

Four massively unhappy couples on the brink of ending their relationships were split up and paired with new partners in a drastic attempt at bringing love back into their lives.

As if this wasn't already promising enough drama for our screens since losing that of Married At First Sight, the couples were shocked when they found out about a little twist Channel 7 had planned.

After signing their lives away to the experiment, they were told they'd actually have to marry their new partner!

We definitely did not see this coming!

Meeting each couple brought on several emotions in all of us, and in case you missed it, or loved it so much you need to know MORE, here's a little info on all of them.


Together for 2 and a half years, we're not actually sure how these two qualify for the show... But we don't care! They are both personal trainers, and it is clear that they have quite a clashing issue.

These two have been together for 5 years, after meeting at a pub. They had a child three months in and decided to hold off on getting married because of that.
Felicity tells us that she thinks trouble in their relationship began after her new paleo business venture.

These guys have been together for 11 years and have just finished a year long trial separation - but they're still keen to give love a go.
From the way Tracey put Jonny into the car just before the switch, we can tell she is pretty excited for the show.

Kaitlyn is from Florida, and is also ready to settle down and have kids, however it's clear Mark doesn't quite feel the same way (and has not yet stopped some of his Bachelor ways!). Kaitlyn seems a little clingy one night when Mark is out with the boys and we're not sure they both trust each other. At all.

And then the switch happened.

The new couples are:

Mark & Felicity
Kaitlyn & Michael
Tracey & Sarge
Johnny & Stacey

We can't wait for tonight's episode!!

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