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The Truth Behind Virgin AU’s “EAD” Explicit Tweet To Kanye

Now, sometimes, just sometimes, something incredible happens that makes you just shake your head as you look at the screen and have a chuckle to yourself.

That happened to me, as I clapped eyes on a tweet sent out by Virgin Australia, to Kanye West.

The tweet was in response to one Kanye sent out, telling that his album is actually a “30 out of 10.”

Virgin Australia, or seemingly, someone who hacked their account, then proceeded to tell Kanye West to “eat a d***, you douche.”


So, obviously someone would be fired for that, right?

I mean, that little blue verification tick is just staring Kanye in the face, so obviously he’s not far from getting his rant on at the airline - but Virgin Australia have swiftly come forward to clear that air.

Since deleting the tweet, Virgin Australia has said the post wasn’t created by an employee and they’re looking into the matter.

They’ve apologised for any offence it might have caused… but we think there's a good explanation for the slip-up.

As a KIIS employee, we handle multiple accounts and know how EASY it would be for someone to post from a work account, when it was meant to be their own personal account - and more likely than not, that’s exactly what happened here.

Either way, many people have been tweeting Virgin Australia, telling them that they need not apologise, as the tweet was ‘hilarious’.

All publicity is good publicity, right?!


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