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The Truth Behind MKR's Bek And Kyle Has Been Revealed!

It was the love story Australia desperately wanted to happen..

And boy oh boy were we teased that they were about to become the first couple to come out of My Kitchen Rules but it wasn’t to be.

The blonde beauty and vet Bek has told that she has a new boyfriend and while Kyle was keen to pursue a relationship, but she feels they 'just work out better as friends.'

'I have a boyfriend that's not Kyle, and that happened straight after we left My Kitchen Rules,' Bek said.

'There was a spark there, but we just work out better as friends,' she said about Kyle. Bek told the website that although it may have come across on TV that she was interested in Kyle, the opposite was true in real life.

She says that she continually rebuffed Kyle as she had met someone before entering the show but she had considered taking things further with him.

'I did have a few thoughts about a future with him — but it wasn’t anything really serious. It was just kind of a bit of fun.'

On Wednesday’s My Kitchen Rules, Bek and flatmate Ash’s hopes of winning the show were dashed when they were eliminated in the first sudden death cook-off.

My Kitchen Rules airs on Channel 7.

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