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Secret Side To Jilted Groom Andrew That Left Lauren STUNNED

Married at First Sight bride Lauren made headlines after she ditched her new husband Andrew right in the middle of her first night of wedded bliss.

It was the first time that someone has ended their marriage on the first night in the history of the show.

Straight after the show, we heard rumours about Andrew being aggressive or just not being her type at all.. we have finally found out the truth about that fateful night.

Speaking one-on-one to each other, Lauren finally told Andrew why she decided he was not the one.

It all started at the ceremony with Lauren saying ‘’I was expecting someone quite tall being that I'm quite a tall girl. That was it. So... That sounds so awful.’’

When they got to the wedding reception, her thoughts got even more deep, with Lauren saying ‘’

I was thinking, "You haven't had kids." That was something that I wanted, and was hoping for, to be with somebody who had been through a broken marriage that had had kids. I mean, people can show empathy,

 but some people don't get it until you've actually had kids yourself, and come through a broken kind of relationship, how hard it really is to take on somebody else's child.’’

What Lauren did not know, she had been matched with Andrew because ‘he is an empathic guy that works with kids. He is also a guy that is really happy to be with someone with kids.’’

Lauren did say that when she gets scared she ‘runs away a little bit. It's from being hurt in the past. So there's a lot more, I think, that goes to it than what actually happened.

When asked, after being honest about the experience, whether she wanted to continue in the experiment, Lauren said ‘I can understand if he would wouldn't want to. I think it's just difficult to push something together after what I've done. I think of burned him in a way. And it would be difficult for somebody to get past that.’’

The same question was asked to Andrew, to which he replied ‘No, I don't think so.  ''Not the way it played out. So…’’

He continued to explain that ‘’you need to rely on in a partner and a teammate weren't there at that stage, so they might not be again.’’

That means we have lost a couple after just a week of the show!

But there must still be love on the way, yeah? YEAH? Married At First Sight Airs on Channel 9.

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