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Reason Behind That Huge Seven Year Switch Fight Was Nuts

Monday night's episode of Seven Year was pretty intense.

During a surprise Northern Territory holiday, Kaitlyn and Michael went to a secluded waterhole and decided to get naked for a skinny dip.

'I felt like being free and crazy, so I just took my top off!' Kaitlyn had explained to the camera before she was shown stripping.

The blonde then decided to remove her bikini top and swung it in the air, yelling I feel so free!'

Michael took the chance when he did and jumped in, ripping off his shorts off, and it impressed Kaitlyn who said her actual partner Mark ‘would never do that’.

It didn’t help Michael and Kaitlyn’s relationship, however, as in the car, the mood turned sour over food.

Michael was annoyed that they had eating badly on the road and said he felt ‘sick’, which led to Kaitlynn saying 'I don't care what you f*****g eat!'

The argument got very strange, very quickly, when Michael said that Kaitlyn, an American, was only wanting to marry her partner Mark for a ‘green card’ or Australian visa as it is better known.

'You work for cash and are probably on benefits, and you're trying to marry someone to get a green card,' Michael yelled. 

'Why would I do that? I live in the best country in the world. I live in the f******g United States of America,' Kaitlyn shouted back. 

'F**ck off, I'm f*****g over your head!' Michael snapped before the exchange collapsed into swearing. 

'Get out! This is my holiday!' Kaitlyn demanded, but Michael snapped, 'I'm not going nowhere', and the pair drove on. 

It looks like this is going to end well.

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