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The Real Reason Behind The Irwin’s Dramatic Makeover

They’re known for rocking the khaki, but not so much their high fashion.

However, if you follow the Irwins, you may have noticed they’ve undergone somewhat of a style revolution recently.

And now we know the real reason behind the change!

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Talking to Confidential, the celebrity stylist responsible for the dramatic makeovers has revealed how he was charged with bringing the family out of their 90’s rut.

“For Terri it was the toughest,” the insider revealed. “It was potentially about holding on to Steve’s memory.”

She soon realised how important it was to evolve the brand – which included their appearance when fronting it.

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It was during Bindi Irwin’s time on Dancing With The Stars in the US, that the idea of a style transformation first took off.

For the Wildlife Warrior, it was all about giving her a “more mature look” as she tended to dress like a “little girl”.

It was Robert Irwin who received the most dramatic transformation, with his trademark bowl cut being ditched for a more modern style.

“They could not wait to get at that hair, it looked like Terri cut it herself,” the source told Confidential.

“He has been transformed the most, he looks like a cool young guy now.”

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