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Waleed Aly SLAMMED For Comments About Admin Workers

The Project host Waleed Aly has come under fire on social media after he suggested people working in administration are ‘bogans.’

His remarks came after a Gumtree advert for a small Perth business was slammed for discrimination against ‘bogans and rough people’.

The advertisement read Must have good references. Drug-free, also child and pet-friendly. No bogans or rough people need apply,'

On Monday’s show, the panel of the the Channel Ten show weighed in saying 'If you're not taking bogans, where are you going to find good admin people?' Aly said, prompting the shocked audience to gasp.

Aly didn’t give up there, continuing to say 'Where are they going to get them from?'

Co-host Peter Hellier jokingly said 'Maybe don't use the word bogans. You could say people with mullets, and Bintang singlets need not apply.''

Several viewers took to Twitter to slam the comments and defend admin roles, Emma Kate said: 'Rude, Waleed @theprojecttv. I've two degrees, including one in Latin and Ancient Greek & all I'm looking for is an admin position. #nobogan.'

Another posted 'I never watch your show these days, but I've turned in lately... Have just been called a bogan by Waleed.' 

The Project airs weeknights at 6:30 PM on Channel Ten.

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