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The One Thing That Pushed Mel B To Get A Divorce

After months of rumours that things were not right in former Spice Girl Mel B’s marriage to Stephen Belafonte, the reason they’ve called time on their marriage has been revealed.

Mel B has made an extraordinary claim that Belfonte “took” her passport in order to stop her flying back to the UK to see her sick father before he died. Her father passed away on March 4, leaving the family heartbroken.

In court documents that emerged after Mel applied for a restraining order against her ex-husband, she claims he told her to “suck it up” when she told him her dad was dying, The Sun reports.

She wrote: “I expressed to [him] my feelings and emotions over the fact that I could not leave for England until the end of February to see my father … due to contractual obligation keeping me in New York.

“[His] response to me after sharing an isolated moment of intimacy with him was quite simple — ‘suck it up. If he’s going to die, he’s going to die’.”

She said: “I told [him] precisely where my passport was. [He] claimed he could not find it; he claims that was nowhere in the house.

“I was forced to delay my travel to the UK. I had to return to Los Angeles to retrieve my passport. I was unable to find my passport despite specific recall as to where I left it in the house.

“I believe [he] took my passport so as to intentionally delay my travel such that I would not see my father prior to his death.”

Mel claims she was “forced to apply for an emergency passport” and arrived in the UK on February 28 before her dad passed away on March 4.

She then says she decided to “separate and divorce” from Stephen “after my father’s passing”.


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