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Mayhem Earns 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

When you think horror movie, you don't normally think funny - unless they're really, really bad.

But Mayhem, the latest scary flick to hit the indie cinema circuit, looks freaky and hilarious and has already earned an unbelievably impressive 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes as a result.

Starring The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun as Derek Cho, the storyline begins with what can only be described as the workday from hell as Cho is set up by an employee and fired on the spot.

Before he can leave, though, a terrifying virus drops smack in the middle of the office, which is quickly quarantined.

The disease causes its patients to act out their "worst impulses" - or, in Cho's case, take revenge on his colleagues.

Critics are LOVING it; Variety's Joe Leydon described it as "equal parts corporate satire and violent melodrama", which has certainly impressed us.

"Cleverly redefining the term 'damage control', Mayhem mixes savage satire of ruthless capitalism run amok with the bloody carnage normally associated with movies about rampaging undead hordes," he said.

No word yet on when it'll be hitting Australian cinemas but if it really is that good, we shouldn't have to wait too long.

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