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The Most Devastating Conversation On Reality Television

With the introduction of channel nine's new reality television show 'The Last Resort' viewers were promised a whole heap of drama and my gosh have they delivered.

The latest episode saw the relationship experts on the show pull together a confronting group exercise which was designed to assist each couple in overcoming any resentment in their relationship.

They were each told to bring an item that they felt represented the bitterness and to throw it into the bonfire as a physical representation of each person moving forward in their relationship.

It's at this point that viewers were exposed to some seriously emotional moments, one of which included devastated wife Lucy who was cheated on by her personal trainer husband Carl.

She chose to share with the group of troubled couples a text message that she had sent to her husband's mistress after she had discovered the affair.

"I'm curious to know if you enjoyed f***ing my husband. The father of my three children," an emotional Lucy began.

"Maybe I should seduce and f*ck your boyfriend so you know exactly how it feels to be deceived. I hope you never run into me. Have a lovely day."

However, she was not the only one to deal with some pretty heavy issues during the episode.

Josh who is on the show with partner Sharday had decided to throw a paternity test that showed he was the father of the daughter he and Sharday share.

The other couples and viewers at home were shocked to find out earlier that Sharday had told Josh while she was pregnant that he was not the father.

Another couple, Lisa and Dan are also on the show trying to figure out their rocky relationship. Lisa chose to throw a printed version of the Facebook Messages Dan had written to her when we broke up with her.

Lisa read the messages aloud which stated, "Hi love, I am so sorry to tell you this via message. I have to be honest with you and I hope I can express where I'm at.

"The reality is, I want different things. I want to be with the Lisa I first met. And I want to drink with my friends and be an idiot.

"I really care about you but i can't see myself marrying you or living happily ever after under our current circumstances."

Well if this is what happens in just the first week of the show, we can't even begin to imagine the drama that will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

It's safe to say that we're hooked! Tune in on Tuesday night at 7:30pm for the next episode of 'The Last Resort'.

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