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Cheryl's Dad Officially Hates Her Husband Andrew On MAFS

You may have thought you had already seen the most dramatic and awkward moment in Married At First Sight during this season.

But, it happened last night.

All thanks to Cheryl’s family of course.

It was last night that her new husband Andrew finally got to meet her family, but it didn’t last long as Cheryl’s dad rejected him before launching into an expletive-laden tirade against him.

Following a long week stay in Cheryl’s home on the Gold Coast, they travelled to the Sunshine Coast to meet her dad.

Father Hamish, was outspoken when the pair arrived at his home, saying 'He's so small, and look at his tattoos,' before he demanded to see the size of Andrew’s hands.

he then proceeded to talk about how much he liked Cheryl’s first husband Jonathan was before warning Andrew was very ‘protective’ of his youngest daughter.

He went on to make it clear to the firefighter that he wasn't happy with how he was dressed and made him leave.

'Get the f*** out of the house and get ready. I'm serious,' the protective dad ordered Andrew. 

A defeated Andrew then left the house, got changed into jeans and a collared shirt and returned, but Hamish was still not a fan.

'He's not suitable for my daughter. It's not going to happen, it's not meant to be,' Hamish said. 'If I can come between these guys, I'm going to break them up for sure.' 

There’s only one way to find out if they do last.. by watching Married At First Sight tonight at 7:30PM on Nine.

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