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The Mid-Season Trailer For Riverdale Has Dropped

In what might just be some of the most devastating news that we've heard in a long time, Riverdale Season Two has finished up for the year and won't be airing another episode until January 17 2018.

But luckily, to help us get through this tough, riverdale-less time, the show has released a mid-season trailer and boy oh BOY is it juicy.

Not only do we see the south-side high school get shut down, resulting in utter chaos when the serpents are forced to attend Riverdale High, but we FINALLY catch a glimpse of Betty's renowned older brother.

Back in season one, we found out that Alice Cooper had become pregnant in high school. Her now husband, Hal Cooper wanted to have the pregnancy aborted. But instead Alice checked into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, gave birth and put her son up for adoption.

In the teaser for next years episodes, Alice is heard telling Betty that she wants to go and visit her son.

Enter Chic Cooper, played by Hart Denton, and as if Riverdale wasn't already full of spunks, this guy is damn FINE! Seriously, just look at him in that Riverdale high jumper.

riverdale high, the mixxxtape

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Which FYI once we got over the fact that Chic is one chiseled guy and we came back down to earth, we realised that if he's wearing a Riverdale High sweatshirt that must mean that he starts going to the school in the coming episodes.

Apart from that, the teaser trailer is full of intense music and dramatic stares; the usual Riverdale teen angsty stuff that we've come to expect from this show.

The one guy who doesn't get a mention though is the Black Hood. Even though this mystery was apparently "solved" during the mid-season finale when Betty and Archie uncovered Mr Svenson as the culprit, we got the feeling that something just didn't add up with this.

Murder mysteries that end up tied in a neat little bow in Riverdale ALWAYS mean that there's more to come...hello remember when Jughead's dad was arrested for Jason's murder when really it was Mr Blossom that pulled the trigger?

Looks like we'll have to wait until January 17 to find out if our hunch about the Black Hood still being out there is real though...Until then, you can find us sprawled on the couch binge watching past episodes.

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