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The Intense Confrontation That Lead To TWO MAFS Quitting

On this evening Married At First Sight the texting scandal took a turn.

With Jonathan and Scarlett texting each other throughout the evening following the awkward dinner party, it leads to a confrontation like nothing we have ever seen before.

Scarlett said that she thought her and Jonathan were ‘better matched’ in the process than she and Michael were.

Jonathan also thought he was way better matched with Scarlett than Cheryl, but there is one major issue.

In tonight’s commitment ceremony, Jonathan decided to stay with Cheryl instead of leaving and giving up the marriage. Cheryl decided to leave the process, which meant they would have to stay together.

After an intense confrontation that leads to Scarlett, Michael, Jonathan and Cheryl all being in the same room, Jonathan decided to change his mind and leave the process and admitted he is happy to ‘give up on the process.’

In total tonight, we lost two couples, who were all caught up in the process.

It’s goodbye to Jonathan, Michael, Scarlett and Cheryl.

Married At First Sight continues tomorrow at 7:30 PM on Nine.

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