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Fate Of The Furious' Touching Tribute To Paul Walker

You guys, before we get started we have to warn you about two things.

Firstly, there are major spoiler alerts coming your way, so jump on out if you still haven't seen - or don't want to know what happens in - Fate Of The Furious.

Secondly, you may want to grab yourself a tissue. Just saying.

The latest Fast And Furious installment hit cinemas over the weekend and brought a whole heap of emotions flooding back - not least because it's the first in the series to not star the late Paul Walker.

And even though we had all watched Walker's character Brian drive off into the sunset at the end of the seventh movie, heading for a quiet life with Mia and their kids, we were curious to see if there would be any tipping of hats in tribute.


For the most part, the gang carried on without Brian, only mentioning him twice throughout the film; according to PEOPLE, in one particularly sticky situation, Tyrese Gibson's character Roman quietly says that "Brian would know what to do", before Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) reminds him they promised not to involve Brian and Mia in any more of their escapades.

The second reference, though, is the real kicker - and the real spoiler.

At the end of the movie, everyone is hanging out post-death-defying adventure at a rooftop cookout, when Dom (Vin Diesel) arrives with a surprise in the form of a secret baby.

Turns out that Elena (Elsa Pataky) had given birth without telling Dom and, after everything went down, he's left holding the little bundle of joy.

Elena had picked out a middle name for their son but Dom is in charge of settling on a first name.


And it's then that he decides to pay tribute to his BFF, introducing his friends to baby Brian and setting us off all over again.

Yes, it doesn't make that much sense, considering that, in the Fast And Furious universe, Brian is still very much alive.

But it's a sweet nod, especially because Vin Diesel - who referred to Paul Walker as his brother - is the one who gets to do it.

Now, if anyone needs us we'll be rewatching all of the movies all over again.

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