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The 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' Joke That Shocked

They are quickly becoming two of the most popular TV duo’s thanks to I’m A Celebrity, and on Sunday’s show, they got people going.

While opening the show at 7 PM, the lively pair slipped in a rather not so 7 PM joke which viewers picked up on straight away.

Talking about the celebs’ first days in the camp, Morris reflected that they had been ‘so full of beans’ when they started on the show.

“Technically, they are still full of beans. In fact, they are more full of beans than they have ever been,” she said referring to the beans and rice diet the celebrities are currently on.

“They do eat a lot of beans. But I imagine the celebrity who leaves tonight will be giving their beans the flick the moment they’re out of camp?” asked Brown.

“Mmm, that’s TOTALLY what I would do, doctor, ”said Morris, before she moved onto another gag.

We aren’t going to explain it.. if you get, you get it.

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