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The Huge Mistake This Married At First Sight Groom Made

Now, we can imagine getting married to someone you have never met would be pretty nerve-wracking.

And it must be even worse for Michael, who expects his wife to be below 60KG and have small ears… which is bizarre, to say the least.

Let’s not dwell on that too much.

What we can look at, is the wedding itself. A momentous occasion even if you have never met your wife or her family and surely you would want to get off to the best start possible?

Well, it appears Michael didn’t get off to the best with his wife Scarlett’s mother, Mari, as he walks down the aisle and starts chatting to all his friends.


We see Mari instantly take a distaste to Michael, saying to her family ‘’is he just talking talking to that side.’’

As he continues to smile, the aggravation continues, with Maris saying ‘’Does he not realise we have a bride on this side. That’s the Groom’s side; this is the Brides side.'

It’s a point of anger before we even get to the wedding, which goes off without a hitch.

However, we skip to the reception pretty quickly, and at this stage, it must have been hours after the wedding and Scarlett is freaking out that her mother is unhappy.

Well, she is more than unhappy, with Mari saying ‘It’s hard to see whether the relationship with Scarlett and Michael will last because I have reservations.’’

She then carries on to talk to Michaels friends and family and awkwardly says to them ‘’I was not happy, cheesed me off big time,’ after clearly telling them the story.

When Mari meets Michaels sister Lexi, she tells her ‘’I am not happy with the group, Michael made no eye contact with me, but when the bridesmaids came, he spoke to them.’’

Mari does so that she is a ‘sociologist’ and felt that in her group he was being a ‘pig’ and completely rude, but it was just her ‘opinion’.

AN opinion that left everyone a little.. stunned, that is for sure.

We can’t wait to see if this family gets behind their daughter in the end!

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