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The Heartbreaking Moment Nadia Broke Down During MAFS

Viewers were shocked and a little relived last night when Nadia revealed she and Anthony had split since they vowed to stay together at the commitment ceremony. 

Four months on since beginning the experiment to couples met for part two of the reunion. Nadia was initially too distressed to speak about what had happened, sparking tears from her fellow bride, Susan.

After some time to herself, Nadia and Anthony took centre stage for their grilling from the ‘experts.’ Nadia spoke bravely, telling them she was blind sided and was planning to move to Sydney when Anthony cut the cord.

“It’s very confusing. There’s a very fine line between sincerity and truth cos at the end of the day it’s the fact he says all the right things but there’s no substance to it,” she said.

Nadia told Anthony she couldn’t’ even rely on him as a friend following the breakdown of their relationship. Anthony didn’t offer much up, other than telling her his ‘feelings didn’t grow.’ 

“I thought I could fall in love but it didn’t happen for me,” he said whilst holding an intense stare and pouting.

“This entire process… all you’ve cared about is how you’re perceived,” Nadia shot back.  

"To know this wasn’t authentic.. I’ve learnt a lot from Anthony. I’ve learnt what I don’t want to stand for and self respect and self preservation. It’s not about why this is happening to me but what I can take from this experience," she continued. 

Her statement was met with an applause from the contestants. You go girl! 




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