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Rant That Could See One Bride And Prejudice Couple Split

She is the bride that everyone is talking about on Bride and Prejudice because of her behaviour.

But also because she is just 18.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the show, Courtney Cole put her wedding under threat after she spiralled into meltdown after she believed her partner Brad was seeing strippers at his bucks party.

In a tearful phone call, Courtney threatened, 'If you see a stripper I’m not gonna marry you. That’s disgusting!'

In the phone call, the blonde teen believes she can hear voices in the background of her fiance's phone.

She continues to stress out saying 'Who are you talking to?'

Brad, 20, explains that he is at a rooftop hotel in Kings Cross, Sydney, but there are no entertainers in sight.

'Who the f*ck are you talking to?... There are girls — I can hear f*cking girls. We are DONE!' Courtney states. She later issues a serious threat to Brad- 'I WILL go LITERALLY. RUIN. YOUR. LIFE.'

With Brad denying his fiances demands not to carry on the night, Courtney soon calls him back, crying and telling the cameras not to film her.

'This was not the plan, this was not the plan, this was not the plan,' Courtney wails into the phone. 

Courtney has previously hit the headlines after asking her boyfriend for a $11,500 engagement ring.

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