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Bizarre Kardashian Laptop Screening With Our Aussie Actress

If you’re a fan of Ali G, Borat, or Bruno - no doubt you’d be more than happy to call yourself a Sacha Baron Cohen fan.

The guy is HILARIOUS, and also an effective PR guy, or so it would seem.

He packed up his wife, Isla Fisher, her friend Courtney Cox and Courtney’s daughter, Coco and made their way to the Kardashian house for a private screening of his new flick, Grimsby.

Kanye was there, Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble was there - and the video the clan put up on their Instagram accounts shows everyone losing it over a scene in the movie.


We must admit, the photos and clips we’ve seen so far show Sacha as probably his most relatable character: drinking beer, eating fish and chips and posing with his big beer gut hanging out.


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