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The Big Problem With Last Night's First Dates

It’s finally back!

First Dates Australia is the show that sent social media into meltdown last night, especially when couple William and Murphy turned up on screen for an amazingly awkward but amazing date.

Murphy, 20 and William, 24, became the talking point of the country as they were so cute, prompting a huge discussion about Australia’s same-sex marriage laws.

One fan tweeted: 'Aaaawwww Murphy and William ordered the same meal. Now they have to get married... But you know, Australia.'

The comment was referred back to Australia’s tough stance on same-sex marriage, which still isn’t legal.

While Murphy didn’t respond to that tweet, he did reply to a couple of others who were supportive of his on-screen romance.

One fan asked: 'At the risk of sounding errr, you know... but I always thought gay guys found it really easy to get dates?'

Murphy responded candidly: 'Not when you're as awkward as me.'

Another viewer tweeted: 'I feel like William is impersonating my dates'. And in an apparent criticism of William, Murphy replied, 'Brick walls?'

At the end of the episode last night, it was revealed the two have been on another date since.

Hopefully, they are still together!

First Dates airs on Channel 7.

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