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The Bachelorette Shock That Leaves Georgia Love Panicked

It’s a big week in the Bachelorette.

In an Australian first, Georgia Love will have to send home FOUR contestants in one night.

A preview clip was shared to Facebook Monday, with the 28-year-old brunette beauty freaking out over having to send so many men home.

'Woah, Woah, Woah,' the leading star of The Bachelorette says directly to the camera.

Georgia will be dealt with the task of having to decide which men she has feelings for and which ones just want to be famous.

Earlier this week, evicted contestant Ryan Talk, 28 said that he felt so many of the contestants weren’t there for love.

He said to PopSugar 'I think Georgia represents something different to every single one of the guys, whether it's true love, or getting over a past relationship, or a ticket to fame,'

'[The contestants] have different reasons [for being on the show]... and it's got to be the one that lines up with Georgia. If she says she's there for true love and connecting with someone, that's what you've got to be there for.

'I think some of the guys aren't there for that,' Ryan stated.

The comments just further help the cause of Rhys Chilton who has told Georgia Love that rival Sam Johnston is only on the show for fame and not to win Georgia’s heart.

The current favourites to win include Lee, Matty J and Courtney. 

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