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The Awkward AF Thing No-one Noticed At The Met Gala

If you caught the pics from the Met Gala yesterday, no doubt you were equally amazed as you were confused by some of the get-ups.

One thing you may not have had time to notice, was the awkward coincidence that occurred within the highly documented event.

As well as Bella Hadid went, expertly dodging her ex, The Weeknd and his new beau, Selena Gomez with precision, one thing that couldn’t be controlled, was their inevitable matching look.


The Weeknd may have had de ja vu, as it was revealed that both girls were rocking a long dark, straightened bob on the red carpet.

What are the ODDS?

Both styles are relatively new to the girls, and it’s been noticed by an increasing amount of watchful eyes just how similar the girls looked.

His debut with Selena comes exactly one year after he took to the same red carpet with Bella.


Obviously the guy has a type.

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