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Australian Public Has TURNED On Kris Smith Following Comment

She has been at the centre of many arguments in the jungle because of her laziness on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of here.

And now it is Kris Smith who has slammed Keira Maguire in the jungle.. because she has not done any dishes for three days.

The male model has also taken things further by making a jab at Keira’s inability to land a man.

Kris started by snapping at Keira saying 'You should try going down there and washing those dishes one time, Keira.'

'Three days is a good time off,' he added.

'Whatever, Kris,' responded the blonde. 'Three days, I doubt it.'

Kris continued: 'It would be nice for you to pull your weight.' 

The 38-year-old then had even more harsh words when he was in the confessional booth in the jungle.

After venting all his issues he said 'Keira lies there with her angel cards telling everyone how great she is and how no man will date her again,' he explained in the booth.

'I can see exactly why no man will date you again,' he added, brutally.

Viewers ended up turning on Kris with one saying'I'm no longer Team Kris. Boy, bye!'

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues on Channel Ten tonight at 7:30PM.

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