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Wendy Williams Passed Out On Live TV In Bizarre Fashion

U.S. Talk Show Host Wendy Williams is making headlines around the globe this morning, after she fainted on live TV in the middle of her intro for her annual Halloween costume competition.

Fainting is nothing new, however, it’s the fashion in which Wendy stops mid-sentence, looks at the camera wide-eyed, stumbles back and then faints in what could only be described as similar to an audition for your first movie.

We are not in any way saying Wendy faked the fall, why would she?!

It’s just one of the most dramatic faints we’ve ever seen in real life.

As she fell to the ground gasps were heard from the audience, before producers rushed over and the show cut to a commercial break.

Wendy then came back to explain that what had happened was real, she had overheated in her costume and fainted.

We hope she’s okay - but we have to give snaps to the entertainment and the drama Wendy continues to deliver, even mid-faint.

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