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Sydney Housewife Athena Breaks Down In Bizarre Hypnosis Sess

If you thought Athena X couldn't get any more cooky then you're sadly mistaken. During last night's episode of Real Housewives of Sydney the bizarre meter was turned up a notch when Athena visited a hypnotist in search of answers. 

“I have noticed that I have intense anger issues with some of the women, so there might be something linking us through a former life,” she explained to the hypnotist who decided to take her back to a previous life to discover why. 

Instantly Athena was transported back to 1793 where she lived as a man called 'Iakovos.'

Her head jerked from side to side, almost as if she was possessed as she explained she was previously married.    

“Katya … Katya always loved me, she was always there … She left me for my best friend," she sobbed. 

“He betrayed me … My best friend lied to me. He took my wife away! They took my daughter away. They took her!”

The hypnotist stared on as if she even thought Athena was bat sh*t crazy. 

She went on to reveal that the best friend who had stolen her wife was fellow housewife Nicole O'Neill. And the daughter she lost... well, it was the one and only Lisa Oldfield. What a small world! 

No wonder Athena X and Nicole haven't seen eye to eye! Captain eyebrows has clearlundefinedy been up to no good... 

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