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The Home And Away Secret We Weren’t Meant To Know!


Home And Away fans get excited, because one of our favourites Aussie stars is coming to the bay.

Although we’re not meant to know!

Blair McDonough accidentally spilled the secret on Instagram after sharing with fans a photo of a script, writing: “Just like riding a bike…. right?!”.


He quickly deleted it, we assume when an angry H&A producer lost their biscuits over the spoiler.

With the cat out of the bag, Channel Seven confirmed that he will have a “guest role” coming up.

After first finding fame on Big Brother, Blair went on to become one our soapie faves in Neighbours, playing the role of Stuart Parker.

Since then he has also starred in Winners And Losers, Sea Patrol and Heartbeat.

So what role will he be playing in Summer Bay? No word yet… but hopefully there will be another incriminating Instagram post soon enough!

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