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Sophie Monk SLAMMED For Sending James Home On Bachelorette

If you logged onto Twitter in the last 9 hours, you may be surprised with what it is you find.

Basically, people are PISSED.

And they’re pissed st Sophie Monk. Why you ask?

Because after letting hunky Luke go a few weeks ago, she’s now let emotional, beautiful James go.

Cue heartbreak.

Obviously blindsided by his dumping, brave James walked up to Sophie and said goodbye, he told her that she ‘got him out of his comfort zone’ and that it had been ‘amazing’.

He also hopes that ‘she finds what she’s looking for’.

We believe him, too.

But is that fair? Sophie has a right to love and choosing who she wants to choose, too.

In the car leaving the property James revealed to the camera he was ‘gutted’. And so was the rest of the country.

Twitter erupted into disarray, with people unable to fathom what Sophie was thinking.

Don’t worry James, WE all love you.

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